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Ajax is the acronym of asynchronous JavaScript & XML. It is the combination of several technologies.

Today, almost every business person wants to stay ahead of the competition, which needs to remain updated with the fastest current trend. Ajax provides the latest features that are responsive, interactive and loads fastest.

Ajax allows content on Web pages to update immediately without updating the whole page such that users need not have to wait for the longest time and brings the data back instantly. With AJAX, several multi purpose applications and features can be handled using a single web page, avoiding the need for clutter with several web pages.

Why Ajax Development

  •   Instant web-page display
  •   Compact
  •   Excellent Browser Compatibility
  •   Internet giants use Ajax
  •   Easier navigation
  •   Interactive and responsive websites
  •   High Reliability and Scalability
  •   Backed by reputed brands Google, eBay, Yahoo!, Flickr and several other
  •   Compatible with almost every browser
  •   Continuous Updates and Notifications sans loading the page


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CSoft Technology gives your website a fresh new looks powered by Ajax. Ajax also enhances developer's productivity. Developers of Csoft Technology are ready to provide you an enhanced solution due to which you can feel the best interactivity while using your website.

Csoft Technology has served numerous projects of OpenCart to clients around 10+ countries within the span of 8 years. Csoft Technology is also providing additional support afterwards for maintenance, upgrades and extensions. Our Developers are ready to provide you all features available in Ajax as well as will test it prior before delivering it to you.

What our developers do at Ajax?

  •   Ajax application development
  •   Ajax web portal development
  •   Ajax based e-commerce development
  •   Mobile application development based on Ajax
  •   Ajax with majorly all application development like asp.net, Php, etc.
  •   Ajax web development
  •   Ajax modules development


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